What's Hot?

Here is 10 things that are definitely HOT this month and will be even HOTTER next month are:

Most of what's on the list below goes great such as:

A white printed crop top under lightly coloured tie dye short dungarees with white gladiator sandals, an over sized straw tote and over sized glasses with a floral head band. Then if you add pastel coloured gel look nails and grey frill socks with a white thrill and natural lips with back lined flick eyes your look will be perfection.

1  - Gladiator Sandals - Mainly white or black but coloured gladiators are alright. They look amazing with           denim shorts; preferably tie dyed shorts which are in the list below.

2  - Floral Skater Dresses - Short, Cute and Summer!! Floral skater dresses are super stylish and look really       cute. These dresses are really out there at the moment but whether they have halter necks, collar necks         or are strapless as a couple for example it doesn't matter because as long as they are floral and skater           they will be top of my style chart.

3  - Frill Socks - Any colours will do. If you don't know what they are they are just socks with a frilled top        and look great with gladiator sandals and converse, vans, trainers or daps.

4  - Tie Dye shorts and Jeans - Tie dye looks really funky and really exciting especially with whites, pale              colours and pastels.

5  - Printed Tops - With slogans, logos or names.... If they have writing on them they are perfectly hitting              no.5 on my style chart.

6  - Flower Head Bands - They go perfect with floral dresses and gladiator sandals and look really pretty           when they are on. Coloured headbands go better with lighter hair and plain or coloured headbands for           darker hair.
7  - Dungarees - Again tie dyes look great, patterns or block colours in shorts, skirts or trousers.

8  - Over Sized Circle Glasses - Looking beautiful! They are so funky and girly. If you don't want to wear           them the whole time and don't have a bag, wear dungarees then tuck them over the top as that looks             awesome or use them to push your hair back off your face when it's really warm that looks cute.

9  - Over Sized Totes - They are gorgeous!! Bright pop of colours always look best or over sized straw              totes.

10 - Gel Look Nails - They look really professional and expensive. They have a shine and normally last                 longer than normal polish. Pastel colours, neon or duck egg patterns by Models Own look good!!


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