Chocomania from The Body Shop is the best! I honestly love them.

 I have the Shower Cream for only £2.00 60ml, it's suppose to smell of chocolate and I would definitely say it does! Other reviewers have said they would recommend to a friend and that it's got the perfect smell and perfect moisture. 

I also have the Lip Butter for just £4.00 10ml, it also smells strongly of chocolate and it's extremely creamy and feels gorgeous on my lips. Other reviewers have also said it makes the perfect friend, I do agree. 

Lastly I have the Body Scrub for £12.50 it's a little more expensive but totally worth it, 200ml and perfect. Again the chocolate scent is over powering but just so good and other people say it's a really good scrub and it's better than the coconut one. However others say it's smell is to die for! 

I would say these three products are special in their own ways and are completely worth every bit of their price. Just perfect! If you fancy them pop to The Body Shop and check out their latest items, they are amazing. I love The Body Shop. I've got to say it's one of my favorite beauty shops of all time!! 

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