Weekender WOW; Festival Fiesta


For the perfect Festival Fiesta look try these pieces below. They are at mind-blowing prices and look absolutely amazing.

To start is this Lime Alice Crop Swing Cami Top for £4.00 and comes in Lime Green, Orange, Bottle, Grey, Black, Lilac, Olive and White. This Cami is perfect for the warm weather at your next festival or just for the cute festival look. 

Some reviewers have said it's 'very stylish, comfortable' and               'It's a good length and versatile'. 

Next we have the Amelia 'LOVE' Bracelet which comes in Gold and Silver and you'll never guess how much it is, £4.00. This day just keeps getting better by the second. This bracelet is ideal for a festival look, it's loose and stylish but at the same time sleek and girly. 

Okay so now let's move onto the Tia Round Lennon Sunglasses for just £6.00. A pair of sunglasses is definitely a must have for the festival look and with these rose tinted, round Retro looking glasses you could be a total rock legend on the stage of a festival fiesta. 

With these glasses your eyes definitely stand out from the crowd, but you are not any festival girl, you are a model ready for fun. 

Go big and bold with this gorgeous Abia Rose & Leaf Floral Head Crown for only £5.00. This will absolutely be the focal point of your look along with the glasses and a cute Lizzie Scallop Mesh Hand Harness.

These two cute accessories are just an adorable way of styling up your festival wardrobe look and creating a statement. 

The head piece is a girly look and would really bring out your eyes and with a touch of pale pink lipstick people would envy over you. 

Then there's the hand harness which is powerful and strong looking, kind of like you are the leader of a tribe. Not to mess with you. 

So by putting these two pieces together we have a powerful chick who's pretty fierce when she wants to be and that's the image you'll give off. So if you want that it's vital you get these. 

Lastly the look is not complete with a pair of Sasha Cut Work Multi Strap Boots for £25.00. 

A reviewer said these are comfortable and staple they are best for casual wear and going out. 

With all UK deliveries you get FREE returns so if you want to get any of these, which we all know you do. You're falling over them then what have you got to loose. But you better be quick because these are the last ones in stock so you better get shopping. 

However you can't just wear these you got to get some charming high waited denim shorts. This will complete your look and total it to a 100 percent festival chick. 

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