Weekender WOW

The Colosseum in Rome

My weekender WOW has definitely got to be London to Rome Adventure Trip. Saving £100 you could go around London to Rome and explore the beautiful historic cities, galleries, museums, sample some regional wines and delicacies and visit four countries in eight days.

What's Included?

  1. A picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 
  2. Orientation walks in Interlaken and Milan.
  3. 1 Lunch 
  4. Small Group MAX.16
  5. Train, Public Bus, Metro, Train, Ferry and Walking
  6. Simple Hotels/Hostels
  7. Chief Experience Officer

It's not very energetic and perfect for you guys who love to take nice holidays just taking in the picturesque views of the beautiful world. This trip would be amazing for taking pictures and enjoying different site seeing adventures and just having fun and relaxing. 

However if you're more into having a family fun time why not take a look at the London to Edinburgh Adventure Trip? You can go and see the 'Harry Potter' film studios, visit Oxford and check out famous castles, the rugged coastline of England and eat freshly made Haggis in Edinburgh. Also saving £100 you could be spending 8 also travelling with your family having a great laugh and maybe try and stop in different ice cream parlous each time you stop. Sounds like fun. You'll enjoy, your kids will enjoy... What isn't there to enjoy?

Tower Bridge in London

But if that doesn't excite you how about the Morocco Family Adventure? You could be spending 7 days experiencing the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, trying mint tea and learn Arabic. You could also be camel trekking along side the beach at Sidi Kaouki and wander the souk of Essaouira. 

But if you're more of an active family you could try the Sailing In Thailand Adventure Trip. You could have a nice relax on your yacht, eat delicious Thai cuisine, lounge out on beautiful beaches, take some time to snorkel and swim. What can be more better than that? 

Which One Will You Choose?

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