#Model Monday - Back 2 School

My #MM is for the Back 2 School Brogue.                                                                                                             The soles are thick and sturdy and let's be honest these shoes are totally gorgeous. The cute tassels just make the shoe and the shape of the brogue is faultless.                                                                                                                                                        Reviewers say they are comfortable, light weight, good value, the heels is a great height and super stylish. I haven't worn these but just looking I'd say they are absolutely no doubt about it stylish and are ideal for the trendy school look.                                                                                                                         They go great with fitted school trousers or a skater skirt and a blazer always makes brogues smarter but more rock chick and less workaholic.                                                                                                                                                                                                             I would have to rate these a 9.5 stars out of 10. There a numeral amount of reasons why. 1]. I adore the shape of these shoes. 2]. The heel seems to be great for walking about alot as it adds extra height and looks great. 3]. The tassel is 100% cute. 4]. Everything about the shoe is totally beautiful. 5]. I couldn't give it a 10 stars out of 10 because you've always got to leave room for improvement. I find it very hard to find improvements for these beautiful brogues but if I had to say something I'd have to say the fringe pattern underneath the tassel. It is cute and I do love it however I think that's the one thing that these shoes need to improve on. The fringe could maybe shorten a little to not cover so much of the front of the shoe.

Then to finish off these shoes are now also in the sale with £10.00 OFF which makes them £10.00. This is an outstanding price for these so get shopping and get your school list checked off. 

That's my #MM complete with the Back 2 School look for the September term. 

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