Modelling Tips and Tricks

Coco Rocha. My all time favorite model.
Tips and Tricks of the Modelling Agency.


Elongate your NECK. Don't hide it into your shoulders, it looks like you have no neck and it's really not pretty.                                                                                                   Always pose with TENSION  in your body. But remember this doesn't mean become stiff.           

Your FACE is one of the main points. You have got to show expression through your face, especially your eyes. 

MIX and match your poses. It's like anything really if you see the same thing over and over again it's just boring, dull and you get full of it. It's the same with posing, try different things and just do it. If it doesn't go right the first time see what you need to do the second time to make it right.

Don't you even dare think about playing it safe. Linking to the tip above EXPLORE new and risky moves. 

When going to photo shoots it's an obvious thing to make sure you have a clean face and looking TIDY. 

It's always best to take flats and HEELS when going to shoots or go sees. 

Wear NATURAL clothing.

Wear a MINIMAL of make-up.

Top thing for shoots and go sees is NEVER be late.


If you hate your outfit, hair or make up you just have to forget about it and pretend you like it. You CAN'T be negative when modelling towards anything you are trying to sell whether it's shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, make-up or hair. No matter what you must pretend you like or it will show in your pictures. 

Practice your catwalk. 

Practice your poses.

Always research the top fashion designers and models.

Don't be nervous.

Find a model you aspire to and closely research them. 

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