Day Cream; Nivea

Nivea Day Cream, Pure and Natural;

It is light, freshening and friendly on my skin. I have sensitive skin and if I use the wrong kind of cream or face wipes, that's it I am so spotty so I really need to watch what I use and use it carefully. It isn't too thick but it's thick enough the stand in it's shape without sloping all over my hands and face. I use it in the morning and it always wakens me up ready for the day ahead. 

I must have had this cream now for around 2 months, I've used it everyday [sometimes more than once] and still I've got over half the tub left. I apply it in small doses using my finger next to my thumb to dab a spot of cream on either check, my chin, forehead and nose. I then rub it in and watch my face shine. 

TIP - When rubbing cream into your face always do an upwards motion on your cheeks to lift your face. 

I got this cream from Wilkinsons on offer but I would definitely get it at full price even though it's two pounds more. Some people do say that Wilkinsons is a cheap shop and if you buy beauty products e.c.t they won't be as good quality as other places and won't work. However other people including I believe that isn't true, it doesn't matter where you get it from because they are all the same product anyway just with different names, prices and packaging. 

I recommend this day cream to anyone, especially people which sensitive skin. It works on me so it's not 100 percentage definite it will work on you but there is a fair chance. I really do like this cream and there is also if you prefer face washes and other facial creams richer or night then there is plenty of choice for you to choose from. 

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