Newlook's Summer Picks

These are my favorite things off the Newlook 25% Off Summer Picks List. They also make a really cute outfit....


1. The Gold Daisy Bib Necklace £5.99, with a high shine finish and a clasp fastening. It goes great with a block coloured dress and creates a statement look for all over the year. It's big, bold and girly. If you wear this tr it with your hair up so it bring the attention to your neck and face. 

Black Pattern (Black) Gold Daisy Bib Necklace | 303075909 | New Look

2. The Light Blue Basic Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress for £7.00. It has a scoop neck and would go great with the necklace above just to create a fresh, statement look. This dress is ideal for the summer as it's light and can be casual or formal. 

Pale Blue (Blue) Light Blue Basic Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress | 307338045 | New Look

3. Pink Quilted Clip Frame Purse for £7.00 that lightens up your summer outfit. It's block and if you hold it in your hand like a clutch it will bring the blossom out of you with the flower necklace and bodycon dress.
Pink (Pink) Pink Quilted Clip Frame Purse  | 290630570 | New Look

4. Pink Strappy Jelly Flat Sandals for £7.00.... BARGAIN if I must say so myself. These are by far one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment 'Jelly Sandals'. I find you either hate them or love them and there's only a few people who feel in between about them. Personally I used to hate them and thought they looked awful but because I see them nearly everyday and more people have started to have them I have began to warm up to them. I guess you could say I kind of like them now, the retro look. 

Fuscia (Pink) Pink Strappy Jelly Flat Sandals | 306760077 | New Look

These go great with the outfit as well as it just bring summer to the picture and brings the colour pink in a bit more as it matches the clutch. 

5. The Blue Tribal Print Waterfall Blazer is £20.99 which is a great price for this. It's smart and stylish as well as youth and fresh. It just blends all the colours of the outfit together and goes with the Blue Body con Dress. The two different shades of blue combine into one and really draws attention.

Blue Pattern (Blue) Blue Tribal Print Waterfall Blazer | 305687449 | New Look

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