World Cup Special; Brazilian Make-up

World Cup Special; Brazilian Make-Up

Okay so as we all know the Brazilian's national colours are yellow, green, blue and white. As the World Cup starts today it would be pretty cool if we could look beautiful whilst keeping up with the latest sporting events. 

So to do Brasil style make-up you need to go all out on the eye shadow. Then draw with an eye pencil a thin line with a small flick at the end and a little bit of mascara. Some people may say this look could be too heavy for the day but the World Cup is bold so why can't you be bold. 

How to create the Brazilian style look;

1. First you do the first layer of eye shadow, use a white or light grey just to deepen the look and make it with hold posture and beauty. It just adds to the look, trust me it is great when you're finished. We will call this the under cover layer. 

2. Then get a yellow eye shadow, whether it's light or dark and add that on top of your under cover layer. But you cover the whole of your eye lid making it darker towards the inner eye lid. 

3. Next get a green eye shadow, once again light or dark. Start from about the centre of your eye lid until you go to the end of the yellow mascara.

4. After that you get a blue eye shadow, again light or dark. Start from just before the end of the green and go out this time through following the flick of your eye liner and creating a dark flick. This will make your eyes look bold, wide and confident. 

5. Use yellow and green mixed with darker or lighter colours, how ever you're feeling, to lend the colours in the middle. Then if you feel it's too dark add the colour you used for your under cover layer in small doses on the top just to brighten it up. 

6. Lastly add your mascara and you should be looking marvellous. 

TIP - You could even try blending by gently massaging the colours together with your finger.

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