Beauty Buys

Beauty Buys

Beauty Buys by topteenz1 featuring a confetti nail polish

These are my top four beauty buys for this week. But my all time favorite has got to be the NO.7 Mascara. I'll tell the truth it's mainly because the bottle is glittery. It's red and glittery and it's just gorgeous!! I've got this myself and I would say it is really good. I find that the quality of the mascara for just £10 is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else, it's lasts ages and I would buy it again because I think the price is excellent for what it is.

My second favorite thing on my list is the Super dry Brush. It's £16 and some people think it's quite expensive but it is really good. I do love it and it spread the make-up out great. I personally feel it helps to blend different colours and textures of the make-up together.

Then it's the Baby Skin for £3.98. To begin Maybelline is one of my favorite make-up brands anyway but the packaging is just so cute. I haven't tried the product but I just love the packaging so much. I think I will try it though because it is cheap for the brand and what it is and I have heard a lot of amazing reviews     about it.

Lastly is the Models Own nail polish. Well what to say about that, I love it. The one I put in my list is blue and sparkly, I absolutely adore it. However it is last on my list but I would say the neon colours of Models Own are higher. But I had to have something last on my list didn't I??

What's on your beauty list?

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