Life's Too Short To Frost A Cupcake

This book, well what to say about it. Personally I adore it! 

It's about a girl named Alice who works for Carmichael Music and goes over to America to try and get Wyatt to record again but it turns out completely different to what is expected. That's the short and snappy way of putting it. 
I would rate this book a **** star basically because I love the girly kind of lovey dovey books and this is super cool. I love reading it. On Good Reads it's rated a *** and a half star.

 Some other readers had said, "I wanted something Trashy and Chick-lit and it was just that." and another said, "When bought this book I didn't expect it to be so entertaining and was happily surprised!" To sum this book up I'd say, "When I bought this book I thought it was going to be light hearted and an easy read but once I got into it I couldn't put it down and I found it was full of surprise and I really loved it. I've read it three time since Christmas already."

Not only is this book amazing but really cheap. You can get it off Ebay for 99p, I got it from Tesco for 10p in a quick sale but I would happily pay £20 for it. I find it's a really good read and would recommend it to anyone who likes other's of Rosie Wilde's books or books about love, drama and light hearted girly books. 

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