Secret Scent

Secret Scent

Secret Scent by topteenz1 featuring perfume fragrances

I really love Circus by Britney. I think it smells so nice but I've had it before. However I love the Couture Jasmin Deluxe By Gianni, I haven't smelt this but I've got a feeling it would be quite flowery and lightly scented. But just because the bottle is nice doesn't mean the perfume is so let's move on to Guilty. The bottle great and the perfume, I like it. I haven't had it but I've smelt it as my friend wears it all the time. She says it's her favorite perfume and it's worth the money. I do think it's smells rather delightful I suppose.
Have you tried or got any of these? Comment below or on our facebook page your reviews on your favorite perfumes or on these ones. 

Versace fragrance
$505 -

Giorgio Armani perfume fragrance
$385 -

Britney Spears fragrance
$43 -

Ralph Lauren fragrance
$94 -

Gucci perfume fragrance
$89 -

Perfume fragrance
$48 -

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