Big Eyes Easter

Easter is full of fun surprise, 
Lots of chocolate,
Lots of noise.

Easter fashion is the best,
Bright, Cute colours,
Forget the rest,
But my fav, 
Is the make-up trend,
All the colours love to blend.

The natural lips,
Vast, daring eyes,
Tanning face,
The fashion never dies. 

Eyes so black,
Like a moonlit sky,
Go and get your bargain buy,
It's too good to be true,
I'll now tell you straight,
Just take a quick look,
I know you can't wait.

Bare Minerals is only £9,
But fancy going for a swim?
Waterproof liner will keep your eyes in trim,
Go and see how much it is, 
Your eyes will burst,
Full of shock,
The best Easter deal, 
You could ever shop!! 

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