Lip To Hip

Get Those Perfect Curves.
You need to work your abs, a key factor of getting curvy hips is to get those abs sorted first. Try some Pilates, Side Planks, Leg Raises, Push Ups, Lunges and Mountain Climbers.

Show Those Perfect Curves. 

Pear - Emphasize your waist and arms, add volume to your upper body and shoulders to minimize your hips.

Wedge - Accentuate your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body.

Rectangle - Show your arms and legs because they're beautiful and that will create gorgeous curves.

Apple - Show off your legs and illuminate your waist.

Hourglass - Show off your curves because girl you got them so show off but remember don't go over board.



  • It builds muscles in your body
  • Burns fat
  • Creates better balance
  • Prevents injures
  • Jump high
  • Run faster


  • Cardio
  • Booty Lift
  • Hill Climbing


  • Develop perfect shaped breasts
  • muscle
  • saves your back



  • Works your primary muscles, Your core
  • Works your secondary muscles
  • Get a flatter stomach
  • Increase stomach muscle

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