Weekly Hair Style Guide

Hair Style Guide

Hair Style Guide by topteenz1 featuring a black velvet headband

MONDAY - You could add a cute bowler hat and make it as girly as possible.
How To:

  1. Divide the hair into two large section, (like you are doing two ponytails)
  2. Then pull a thin strand of hair from the right side to the left, taking it underneath. 

  1. Repeat the same technique. This means taking a thin strand of hair from the left taking it to the right underneath.
  2. Do that alternatively until you get to the end of the hair.

TUESDAY - Bows! Curl your hair and take a front few strands of hair or your fringe and pin it back with a big stand out bow. This style is completely in at the moment. However if you prefer your hair up, go for a high straightened pony tail and place the bow above the bobble.

WEDNESDAY - Bun it up, tight and tidy. It's easiest to use a doughnut or some tights rolled up.
How To:

  1. Put the hair into a middle height ponytail.
  2. Then put the hair through the center of the doughnut until it gets all the way down to your head. 
  3. Tilt your head forwards and split the hair around the whole of the doughnut making sure the hair is fully covering all of it.  
  4. Then using a bobble place it around the doughnut which keeps it in place.

  1. Tuck the excess hair under the bun or wrap around to create more of a messy feel and pin it. 
THURSDAY - High ponytails are in so if you went for the ponytail with the bow on Tuesday go for a curled ponytail and then grab little bits of hair from the top of your head and gently pull so it looks messy but super cute. However if you went for a different style of bow on Tuesday definitely go for a straightened high ponytail.

FRIDAY - Messy Buns are so cute. 
How To:

  1. Make sure there are no tangles then use mouse to make the hair crazy and really messy.
  2. Grab it like a ponytail with one hand and the use a bobble to up your hair up, but don't pull all the hair through.

  1. Then pin up the ends and poll the bun it make it look messy.

SATURDAY - The plait on the side, behind or over your head. It looks really cute when you add a flower headband, material headband or bandanna. 

SUNDAY - If you have a fringe grab it and take it as far as it will go to the back of your head. Pin it up and your ready to go. 

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