Celebrity Style, Pixie's Style

Celebrity Style; Pixie's Style

Celebrity Style; Pixie's Style by topteenz1 featuring a nail polish

This is just gorgeous. It's plain and simple but somehow looks so high fashion. The jumpsuit really extends the length of her legs and the heels shape her legs. Then because the outfit is all black the studs on the shoes really show and then the bag is a pop of colour. I'd say coloured nails to match the bag, natural looking lips so add some shine with lip gloss and a little bit of mascara. This is just a high fashion cosy look with a bit of bedazzle and burst.

Jumpsuits romper

Zara pink purse

Nars cosmetic
$32 - johnlewis.com

River Island mascara
$11 - riverisland.com

Black eye makeup

Nail polish

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