3 for £12 Thorntons

3 for 12 special offer

Classics Toffee, Fudge & Caramel Collection (142g)Thorntons, which is my favorite chocolate shop has got some great deals but my all time favorite has got to be the 3 for £12 Chocolate Offers.

This Classic collection of deliciously chewy, chunky Toffee, melt in your mouth Fudge and gorgeously gooey Caramel is absolutely worth the money. Alone they cost £4.50 but as the 3 for £12 deal it's a total bargain. 

Then to top them all off they are Thorntons' recommendations at 4 and a half stars. I will definitely be going to Thorntons tomorrow to get these along with two other boxes.  

Moments (250g)Then the next thing I'd get for the 3 for £12 would 100% have to be the Moments. This chocolate box contains;

  1. Soft Caramel
  2. Creamy Fudge
  3. Double Chocolate Croquant 
  4. Crunchy Praline 
  5. Orange Crisp
  6. Chocolate Truffle
This box is truly moments to remember. Thorntons' chocolate are absolutely beautiful in my opinion, I do love them alot. I can't walk past the shop with going in and buying something. 

Then lastly for the 3 for £12 I'd have the Irresistible Smooth Coconut Melts. 

I really do find them irresistible. I've had so many I get worried in case I turn into a Coconut Melt ;]. 

These are my choices for 3 for £12 deal, what would you choose. 

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