#Therapy Thursday

Getting the Coral Kiss Lip look with this best selling lip stick at Boohoo will brighten up your face and just add cool vibes to your look.

I absolutely adore Models Own and this lip stick with moisturizing formula, a long lasting satin finish and a retractable crayon design just makes it even more fabulous. Not only that but it also has a tampered pen nib for a precise application.

It also comes in;
Ravishing Red
Very Berry
Devil Red

This lipstick is the only thing you need to have to put in your handbag for that perfect friendship. They will love each other as you love them. Your two beauties together for as long as they live. We love lip stick so why not buy two for such a cheap price.

Perfect for going back to school, handbag friends and going away to put in your wash bag. It's not too vibrant but also shocks the eyes of passers by. What's so bad with standing out out for beautiful lips.

That's #TT complete with a big smile beaming with beauty.

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