#Model Monday

These beauties in red are in the sale for £8.00. If I say so myself that is a bargain with no doubts. The red colour just pops and expresses happiness and joy however if you'd rather these shoes for a more cooperate venue they also come in black and blue.  

They are velvet but don't worry you can work them. They are great for work to make you look stylish and bring a bit of colour to your outfit or shopping, dress them down with leggings or skinny jeans and a jumper or vest top and a blazer. However you could dress them up with your favorite skater skirt and crop top. Let's be honest that would be a cute festival look. 

There has been three reviews on these shoes at Boohoo's website all saying they are perfect for going out, work and casual wear. They are stylish and comfortable. 

If you prefer plain looking clothes and outfits you could get away with wearing black leggings and a red or white top with a cardigan and a plain bag because these shoes work it themselves. When you wear these walk with passion and feel bright. You look good and everyone will be wanting a pair. 

Go to Heels on Facebook to find my other top 3 favorite sale shoe items this Monday from Boohoo, three different styles, occasions and vibes. Great for the price and great for your feet. 

My #MM is complete. 

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